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Jet Ski Dolphin Tours Panama City Beach

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Jet Ski Tours Panama City Beach- Are you the adventurous type? You must try our Jet Ski Dolphin Tour. You pilot your own Waverunner, following the top tour guide on the beach. The jet ski dolphin tour is a 20 mile adventure covering the waters of Grand Lagoon, St. Andrew’s Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. The waverunner tour provides you the opportunity to swim with dolphins.

The jet ski dolphin tour includes time to encounter Panama City Beach’s most famous residents, the Bottlenose Dolphins, as well as snorkeling for Sand Dollars and, of course, a trip to Shell Island to gather some souvenir shells. Dolphin encounters are incredible! Don’t miss the chance to swim with dolphins! It is an amazing experience and one you’ll never forget!

2 People or 375lbs maximum weight per jet ski allowed

Children must meet minimum age, height and weight requirements to participate

What to Know

  1. Reservations Required: Ensure you book your tour in advance. Tours can fill up quickly, especially during peak seasons​.
  2. Safety First: Operators provide safety instructions. Listen carefully and ask questions if you’re unsure about operating the jet ski​​.
  3. Tour Duration and Coverage: Tours generally last around 2 hours and cover around 20 miles, including Grand Lagoon, St. Andrew’s Bay, and the Gulf of Mexico. Some tours offer a unique opportunity to encounter dolphins​ swimming.
  4. Age and Weight Limits: There are restrictions for riders’ age, height, weight, and the number of people per jet ski for safety reasons​​.
  5. Licensing Requirements: If you were born after January 1, 1988, you’ll need a Boater’s Education Certificate to drive a jet ski. This can often be obtained at the rental location or online prior to your arrival​.

What to Expect

  1. Wildlife Encounters: While sightings are common, remember that these are wild animals, and encounters cannot be guaranteed​
  2. Swimming and Snorkeling: Tours often include time for swimming and snorkeling. While equipment might not be provided, you are generally welcome to bring your own​​.
  3. Physical Activity: Operating a jet ski requires physical effort, including balance and strength to maneuver the vehicle​.

What to Bring

  1. Valid ID and Boater’s License: Required for verification and to meet the licensing requirements​
  2. Sun Protection: Waterproof sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat to protect you from the sun
  3. Waterproof Camera or Phone Case: To capture memories without damaging your devices
  4. Towels and Change of Clothes: You will get wet, so a towel and a dry set of clothes for after the tour are essential
  5. Water Shoes: Protect your feet from sharp shells and provide stability on slippery surfaces
  6. Snacks and Water: Stay hydrated and energized, especially on hot days. However, make sure to keep any waste with you to protect the marine environment
  7. Waterproof Bag: To keep your belongings dry and secure while on the water
  8. Snorkeling Gear: If you plan to snorkel, bring your own equipment as it may not be provided​

Remember, each jet ski tour operator may have specific rules and offerings, so it’s crucial to check with them directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information. Following these guidelines will help ensure a memorable and enjoyable experience exploring the beauty of Shell Island and its surroundings.